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2017-08 PM#4 The Tutors and Mentors of the 5th edition

2017-07 PM#3 Announcement: the SOFA participants of 2017/2018

2017-04 PM#2: Innovations for Year Five (German) (Polish)

2017-04 PM#1: Jump on it! – The application period for the two-part workshop has started (German) (Polish)

Latest news picks:  

2018-04 Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission reports on current and upcoming SOFA events (Polish)

2018-04 Georgian business news network with Tamara Tatishvilli on SOFA (Georgian)

2018-04 knows SOFAs schedule (Georgian)

2018-04 Georgian News-Website on SOFA workshop Tbilisi (Georgian)

2018-04 Georgian TV „Rustavi 2“ interview with SOFA mentor Tamara Tatishvilli and our Georgian participant (Georgian)

2018-04 FilmNewEurope on the second workshop in Georgia

2017-08 Polish newspaper RZECZPOSPOLITEJ on SOFA (Polish)

2017-08 FilmNewEurope: SOFA announces its mentors 

2017-08 German media industry news magazine Blickpunkt:Film on SOFA (German)

2017-07 Film & TV Kamera Poland presents the SOFA class of 2017/18 (Polish)

2017-07 TVP Kultura introduces our seven participants (Polish)

2017-07 Polish Film Institute covers our latest press release #3 (Polish)

2017-07 „The 5th SOFA Edition Announces Selection“ – FilmNewEurope

2017-07 Polish Filmmaker Association covering our latest press release #3 (Polish)

2017-07 Cineuropa presents our new generation of film agents

2017-07 Nikolaj Nikitin presents SOFA at the 24th European Film Festival Palić (Video)

2017-07 SOFA to announce it’s participants for the 5th edition (Serbian)

2017-07 VARIETY Interview with SOFAs Nikolaj Nikitin

2017-05 TV-Newsreport on SOFA including interviews (Georgian/English)

2017-05 Georgian Ministry of Culture on SOFA (Georgian)

2017-05 Jako radio reports on SOFAs visit to the Georian Ministry of Culture (Georgian)

2017-05 Sputnik Georgia visits the SOFA workshop (Georgian)

2017-05 Artnews reports on the Georgian workshop (Georgian)

2017-04 The Polish Film Institute spreads our proposal call

2017-04 FilmNewEurope covering our call for proposals

2017-03 Interview with SOFA participant Jan Naszewski on Cineuropa

2017-02 Watch Dumitru Marians Interviews with the SOFA tutors on Vimeo  

2016-12 FilmNewEurope on the SOFA project Baltic View 

2016-11 Afisha on Lizaveta Bobrykavas project Bel:Cinema (Russian)

2016-11 Older ARTE report on Iris Elezi’s project (French / English subtitles)

2016-11 Big german news article on the SOFA project (German)

2016-10 ABC News Albania Interview with Iris Elezi (Video)

2016-10 News Interview with Magdalena Puzmujźniak (Video)

2016-09 on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-09 diez  on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-09 Wyborcza Poznan on Magdalena Puzmujźniaks project (Polish)

2016-08 on Dumitru Marians project (Moldova)

2016-08 Unimedia on Dumitru Marians project

2016-07 Website of the Wroclaw Film Commission (polish)

2016-07 The Polish Film Institute covering SOFA kickoff (polish)

2016-07 Georgian National Film Center on the kickoff (georgian)

2016-07 Screendaily article

2016-07  Wrocław 2016 and FilmNewEurope covering 2016 kickoff 

2016-03 SOFA participant Cristian Hordila on his workshop experience [Video]

2016-03 SOFA-Interview with Dieter Kosslick [Video]

2016-03 Variety exclusive –  SOFA Training Program Adds Georgia Workshop


Press release 07/07/2015

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Kickoff for the third edition of SOFA!
Nikolaj Nikitin announces participants and lecturers at Karlovy Vary

Press release 07/07/2014

Download File

Round 2! Kickoff for the 2nd edition of SOFA
Nikolaj Nikitin announces workshop participants and lecturers

Press release 03/09/2013

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So Far, So Good! First School of Film Agents (SOFA) successfully completed

Pressemitteilung 03.09.2013

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Denn sie wissen, was sie tun: Erste School of Film Agents (SOFA) erfolgreich beendet

Press release 30/07/2013

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The Magnificent Ten: Nikolaj Nikitin and Dieter Kosslick announce SOFA participants and lecturers

Pressemitteilung 30.07.2013

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Die glorreichen Zehn: Nikolaj Nikitin und Dieter Kosslick verkünden SOFA-Teilnehmer und Dozenten

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